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MesajSubiect: ReplaySeeker v1.1с   2013-04-04, 05:10

What's new:
Rewrote the open/close process methods to make them more efficient. This speeds up the camera detection procedure used in SimpleCamera plugin.

Fixed ProcessName property being case-sensitive. Should have done this long ago though .

ReplaySeeker's configuration file (repseek.cfg) now has "ProcessName" property that allows you to specify warcraft process name if it's differs from "war3" (like if you use "120x.exe" to watch 1.20 replays). Wildcards can be used to specify name pattern, so you can write something like "12*" to be able to use ReplaySeeker for 120x.exe, 121x.exe and so on. If you do not see this property inside configuration file, then run & close ReplaySeeker to fix this.

Fixed some bugs reported.
Added "Actual Playback Speed" indicator that shows you the real replay playback speed.
Added "Turbo" option which increases Fast-Forwarding speed by giving more CPU to war3.

You can change the speed of the replay from 1/32x to 31x or make it run "as fast as possible".
You can specify the position in the replay that you want to reach, and ReplaySeeker will quickly fast-forward replay to that position, pausing the replay when done and playing a sound (to notify you). Note that this works while Warcraft is minimized, which allows you to do something else during the process (like browsing the forums).
Rewinding is supported but by restarting the replay and then fast-forwarding to the specified position, so it's not an actual rewind. You can always check whether the replay will be restarted or not by looking at the "sync solution" field.

Since this program is written in C#, you need to have .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your computer (see link below).

To run this tool in Vista without any errors you must right click the exe and from the dropdown menu select "Run as administrator".

Additional file:
.Net Framework 2.0 download page (dotnetfx.exe - 22,4 mb)
Some programs install FW2.0 automatically in order for them to work, so you might already have it installed on your pc.

[Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]

- if ReplaySeeker1.1 doesnt detect replays but previous versions do, then change the value specified in the ProcessName property inside "repseek.cfg" file to the name of the Warcraft process that you see in the Windows Task Manager when Warcraft is running. Most likely you would change "war3" to "War3" (idk why it differs on some computers). This is fixed for later versions though (>= 1.1b).
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ReplaySeeker v1.1с
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