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 Ship Rebuild Guide

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Level 10 ships (one of each type; Trader, Adventure and Battleship) are now given to any newly created character....
If your character is below 120 in profession I suggest you just make a new character and level it as leveling to 120+ takes about 8 hours....
Just make a new character on a different account and trade the ship to the character that needs it.

DO NOT Rebuild your Caroelle Ship to any
Battleship lower than level 5 or 6 (the Caroelle is faster and stronger)
Merchant level 5 or lower (unless you really need the extra load, the speed loss and other losses are maddening)
Raider/Adventure ship level 5 or lower (unless you need to equip a telescope for discoveries; again the Caroelle is faster and stronger)

"Captain's Avatar" = Your ship's Figurehead
- Shipyard Boss won't upgrade/rebuild your ship unless you've had it removed!

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Ship Rebuild Guide
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