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 Sand King Rate 6.55

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Skill Build

Level 1 - Burrowstrike
Level 2 - Sand Storm
Level 3 - Burrowstrike
Level 4 - Sand Storm
Level 5 - Burrowstrike
Level 6 - Epicenter
Level 7 - Burrowstrike
Level 8 - Sand Storm
Level 9 - Sand Storm
Level 10 - Caustic Finale
Level 11 - Epicenter
Level 12 - Caustic Finale
Level 13 - Caustic Finale
Level 14 - Caustic Finale
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Epicenter
Level 17-25 Stats

Take burrow strike at level 1 as it can help u escape and stun.sandstorm is to max because for each level u add the cooldown decrease by 10 second.I prefer adding stats since sand king is a ganging hero he does not need the farm.If the enemy has pushing hero like broodmother, adding caustic finale might not be a bad choice

Starting items

This is the best starting item imo.Just try to last hit to a bottle as soon as possible and rune control. U basically win the lane easily if u can rune control. Try to kill the enemy hero when u reach level 6 then procced to gang.
Urn Start

Build items

Tank Extension

Go this build only if you are losing the game or u team does not have any tanker and the enemy have many spell caster/need a gem carrier.This build is also useful as that make u almost impossible to kill.
Ganging Extension(Arcane boots)

Go this build if you are winning since this build will let you increase your damage and deal more damage
Ganging Extension(Phrase boots)

BKB Let sand king maximize his epiccenter damage.
Support Extension
i don't recommend going this build unless you cannot get mid lane or you are getting own badly.
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Sand King Rate 6.55
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