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 Bloodseeker Rate 6.51

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MesajSubiect: Bloodseeker Rate 6.51   2013-01-14, 05:27

Skill build

Level 1 - Blood Bath
Level 2 - Blood Rage
Level 3 - Blood Bath
Level 4 - Strygwyr's Thirst
Level 5 - Strygwyr's Thirst
Level 6 - Rupture
Level 7 - Blood Rage
Level 8 - Blood Rage
Level 9 - Blood Bath
Level 10 - Strygwyr's Thirst
Level 11 - Rupture
Level 12 - Blood Rage
Level 13 - Blood Bath
Level 14 - Strygwyr's Thirst
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Rupture
Level 17+ - Stats

Item build

Core: OR

Late Game Items: OR OR

OK Items for Bloodseeker

Vladmir's Offering

This item is really good on Bloodseeker, but i don't like it being carried by Bloodseeker, Strygwyr focuses on his main items, and Vladmir's Offering is not a good item to be carried by him, so ask an ally to build this for your team, just don't buy this, you do not want to waste money on this item.


Works pretty well with Strygwyr, why not?Any melee carry will love this.

Sange & Yasha

Why not?If you want to slow down your enemies, use this, but i prefer Manta Style though, it's better than SnY since it synergizes well with his illusions.


I don't really recommend this but, if you have some extra money to spend at the early phase, feel free to get it.

Ethereal Blade

This is a powerful item, get it if you want, just don't replace Desolator with this.


Attack Speed? Awesome!, Chain Lightning? Good!, Orb Effect? NO, This is why Mjolnir can't beat Desolator's usefulness in terms of hunting, get this only if you're facing hardcore heroes who barely has magic resistance and relies on physical attacks, you can shock enemy heroes with Mjolnir, and hitters would get shocked by attacking you.
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Bloodseeker Rate 6.51
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