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 Bounty Hunter Rate 4.83

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Skill build

Level 1: Shadow walk
Level 2: Jinada
Level 3: Shuriken Toss
Level 4: Shuriken Toss
Level 5: Shuriken Toss
Level 6: Track
Level 7: Shuriken Toss
Level 8: Shadow walk
Level 9: Jinada
Level 10: Jinada
Level 11: Track
Level 12: Jinada
Level 13: Shadow walk
Level 14: Shadow walk
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Track
Level 17-25: Stats

Justification : Shuriken toss is maxed first, because at level 7, 325 damage nuke is one of the highest damage spells in the game. Yes, it scales badly, but it's just too good to miss out. Next to max is Jinada, and not Shadow walk. Why's that? Because to set up ganks, you don't need a 60 second invis, you only need 20 seconds to move between jungle->lane and 120 damage isn't really that good compared to bigger crits and lower cooldown.

Item builds

Starting items:

Core: /

Luxury/Extension :

Drums is one of the most stat efficient items there is, granting 63gold/stat. Gives you MS, AS, gives you HP and mana.
If the enemy team is full of nukers, get that strength treads. If they're full of quick moving heroes, get those phases. Adjust to the situation

Stout shield will be necessary to withstand harassment in lane and later to upgrade it to PMS. What you will need to do in lane is farm up to 300 gold, buy that PMS. If your lane has a bunch of heroes that use mana, consider selling one branch to buy yourself a magic stick. If not, just buy boots and upgrade into wand after. Your main priority at laning stage is to get to level 6 as fast as possible. You don't need many items early on, so you can just stand in lane not dieing, but also grab a creep kill anytime you can.
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Bounty Hunter Rate 4.83
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