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 Sand King Rate 8.85

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Skill Build 1


Skill Build 2


Skill Build 3


Starting Items:

Since Sand King fits many roles, his starting build is very flexible. You can choose anything with the list below.

Always carry some tangoes and salves for HP regen. Clarities are also needed since mana is always a big problem with Sand King, especially when he's low lvl.
If your team needs a courier, buy one. You're a support and buying courier is one of your missions. Same as buying wards. Don't be mean, you will get your money back later.
If you want HP and some damage, Gauntlets will help you.
If you want some mana, Mantles will help you.
If you both, branches will help you.
Magic Stick is a very good item when you'r facing spammers.

It's all your choice. Buy wisely with 603 gold.
And also, I strongly recommend not to buy these items with your 603 gold:

Core Items:

Boots are always "must - have" items for every heroes. But which boots should be got on Sand King?

This is the most popular boots for Sand King. 250 bonus mana and restores 135 mana every 45 seconds, it will solve the mana problem for Sand King and allow him to spam comfortably. I recommend this item for Sand King.

If your teamates already got Arcane Boots, you can take Power Tread. 8 any stats you want, more AS, not so bad at all.

24 damage, Phase ability, great for ganking. But I don't like it since you already have a great chasing, escaping tool - Burrow Strike.

The fastest boots in DotA, teleport ability. But 2700 gold is too much in early game.

OR Very very useful in any situation. I always have one in my inventory, you should too.

Every Sand King users should have this item on your inventories even you have or don't have BKB. Great chasing/escaping/initial tool. 2150 gold is completely worth it. Get it when you complete your boots or you can even skip upgrading your Boots of Speed and go straight to Dagger.

Since you will gank and participate in temafights a lot, this will be very useful. 6 Strength means 6 damage and 114 HP, with 50% mana regeneration. Charges give you and allied 400 HP, take away 150 HP of your enemies'. But don't buy it if your team already had one.

As I mentioned above, Sand King is one of the most focused heroes in teamfights since he's a very dangerous creature. When they see you appear, they will try to kill you as fast as possible and you're very easy for them to kill. Your HP is average, your armor is average too, they can kill you in 2 sec. So BKB is a very good item for you. It can keep you alive during teamfight and prevent any spell from hitting you, allows you to move about the battlefield or use Sand Storm, casting Epicenter without being interrupted.

Many people consider this optional, but I put it in core items. 10 all stats, 250 HP, 150 mana and upgrade the ultimate, so great. Getting Aghanim's Scepter doesn't only increase the pulses but also reduce the cooldown 20 sec, it allows you to participate in teamfights more often. 2 pulses increased mean 220 damage added to the Epicenter. Isn't that great. Also, this item is made from pretty cheap ingredients, so farming it up isn't hard for you at all.


This will help you to increase your average HP, give you HP regeneration and block damage. It allows you to tank in teamfight quite better, especially when there are physical damage dealers. You can buy it if you have a lot of money or being focused too much.

Too much spell casters? This will help you quite a lot. You can also upgrade Pipe if it's necessary for your team.

Another good item should be considered for Sand King. It will increase your low armor, also gives you 12 extra intelligence and 5 HP regeneration. The Discord effect works so great on casters like Sand King. This will help you and your team increase the damage output a lot. Buy it if you see your game is pretty comfortable for you to farm.

This is a very defensive item. Usually chosen for countering strong single-target nukes of Lion, Lina, Zeus or disables such as Hex, Shackle. The bonus stats and HP/Mana regeneration are pretty good.

Cheap item with great usage. You can use this along with Blink Dagger to increase your mobility in teamfights as well as chasing and escaping.

So much mana regeneration for you. Cyclone will help you and your team keep dangerous heroes out of the teamfights a while or catching a fleeing hero, stop your enemies from chasing you and your mates...
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Sand King Rate 8.85
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