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 Zet the Arc Warden Rate 7.36

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Build Skills

Level 1 : Flux / Spark Wraith
Level 2 : Spark Wraith / Flux
Level 3 : Spark Wraith
Level 4 : Flux
Level 5 : Spark Wraith
Level 6 : Tempest Double
Level 7 : Spark Wraith
Level 8 : Flux
Level 9 : Flux
Level 10 : Magnetic Field
Level 11 : Tempest Double
Level 12 : Magnetic Field
Level 13 : Magnetic Field
Level 14: Magnetic Field
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Tempest Double
Level 17+: Stats

Level 1-7

Flux and Spark Wraith are maxed out first since you are now a ganker and you need as much damage output as available. Spark Wraith is maxed out before Flux for the higher burst damage. You can opt to max Flux first if you have support from your allies and can kill heroes without Spark Wraith. Tempest Double is taken whenever available. You can substitute one of the skill points for a Magnetic Field if your opponents team are filled with right-click dependent hero.

Try to roam the map to get kills or assists if possible. Try to get all the last hits unless if you're laning with a carry. Harass your opponents during laning stages. Try to deny them of any farm and experience. Great placements of Spark Wraith will ensure a safe laning phase for you. Try not to let you opponents spot your Spark Wraiths easily. Hide it near trees or in the fog. Avoid hitting creeps with this. That would ruin the surprise.

Now lets go over items shall we.


This build provides decent stat gain and a reliable source of HP and MP regeneration allowing you to stay in lane longer and earning the most exp and farm that you can get which is very essential to all heroes! Try not to leave your lane unless its really necessary. Help your allies if their lanes are too tough for them.

You can opt for these if your team support hasn't bought it or if there are no supports for the team!

Chick and crow (couriers) are to provide easy item transfer without the heroes having to leave the lane. The crow-bottle also can be carried out if necessary. Both Observer and Sentry Wards are important to a game. It alerts you of roaming hero coming to kill you! With wards, u will be cautious of roaming enemy heroes and even rune spawns. If your supports didn't get it (or if you're the support! lol), get it!

Level 8-13

By now, both of your main ganking spells are maxed out. All that is left is your Magnetic Field. Again, Tempest Double is obtained whenever possible.

Continue ganking all heroes and getting kills while you can. Try not to be off guard as you have no proper escape mechanisms unless you have some great escape items. Aim the soft heroes on your opponents team. Try not to killsteal alot as there are some other heroes who need more gold than you.

Right about now, you should start getting your core items!

Boots is a must have item for every hero. Get a normal Boots of Speed and complete your other cores before upgrading your boots if possible.

The Ironwood Branches from before are upgraded into a Magic Wand. Magic Wand provides a reliable source of burst HP and MP heal which could turn the prey into the predator! Collect a few charges while in a team fight to make it more efficient and dependable.

Hand of Midas. Ah.. One of the best items on Zet. Why do you ask? For one main reason : Tempest Double! With your double, you can use Hand of Midas every 65/60/55 seconds as it doesnt share cooldown with your double! This makes farming a piece of cake to Zet and getting his other cores would be faster than ever! Try to farm up Hand of Midas as your first item after boots as its not high priced tagged.

Dagon. Burst damage like no other. 400 burst magical damage at Level 1. Whats better than that for a ganker? But wait. It gets better! Dagon once is pain enough in the mid stages. But twice is a horror to your opponents. Use your Double's to activate Dagon to save your mana if the target is gonna die in one cast. Its advisable that you do not try to upgrade Dagon and leave it at Level 1 as you will need your gold for your other items.

Tp Scroll is essential for every hero in every match you play unless you have a Boots of Travel. Carry a tp scroll at all times to ensure easy map control and roaming.

Ring of Aquila is a common item among all Agility hero in the early stages of the game. It provides good stats and damage for last hitting more efficiently and in addition provides a good armor and mana regen aura. This solves the problem faced by many Agility heroes: Not enough Mana!

Eul Scepter's Cyclone can help with placing Spark Wraith since it has a 3 second delay. Just cyclone your victim, place your Spark Wraith and when he falls back to the ground, BOOM! He gets hit by your Spark Wraith more easier! Eul can also be used as a reliable dodge mechanism by dodging projectile spells and providing you with 2.5 seconds of invulnerability.

Rod of Atos was a recently released item to DotA. It gives a good HP boost and a decent Intelligence stat. The active ability of this item is the reason that makes this item optimal for Zet. Cripple applies a 50% slow on a unit for 4 seconds. Zet's flux applies a 50% slow for 6 seconds. If timed properly, an enemy unit can be slowed by 50% for 10 seconds! If Zet's ultimate is available, that makes it 50% slow for 20 seconds including Zet illusion's Flux! It can be a gamebreaker if played nicely!

Now lets go over boots extensions.

Arcane Boots provides you with an increased mana pool and an active Mana Replenish ability which allows you to constantly cast your spells without worrying about mana! Besides, with Tempest Double, you can replenish your mana twice every 65/60/55 seconds!
Arcane Boots is arguably the boots of choice for Zet!

Boots of Travel (BoT) shows its effectiveness in the later stages of the game to provide you with extreme mobility and map presence. You can get Boots of Travel Straight if you're stinking rich and you're sure that your progress on other core items aren't slowing down.

Level 16-25

By now, all your spells are already maxed out. Some of your ganking spells lose their effectiveness as heroes at these stages a more tanky and have higher magic resistance. Concentrate on using your spells to help kill some heroes and try not to solo too much unless you're really fat with items and impossible to die. Use your items to the max. Abuse them to your liking with your Double! Try to end the game before its too late.

Now lets see your possible luxury items!

Scythe of Vyse (hex,sheepstick) is a luxury item for all INT hero in Dota. I know what you're thinking. Zet isn't an INT hero so why? Best reason is that Hex is the best item for any ganker. It adds an additional disable to your arsenal of spells. This also gives you a good stat gain and an insane mana regen. Arguably the best luxury item for Zet. What makes Hex shine is that the hex can be used by the Double. Twice as useful!

Orchid provides a great attack speed, damage and mana regen. It also provides a reliable 5 second silence to a single target. Using Zet's Double, it provides 10 seconds of silence. This is a game breaking item against heroes like Storm Spirit, Nerubian Weaver, Anti Mage or Obsidian Destroyer who depend on their skills to kill/escape.

Shiva's Guard provides a good armor gain and a negative attack speed aura to nearby enemy units. Whats great about this high price tagged item is its active ability, Artic Blast. Zet's Double can activate this active ability as well as the original Zet which provides a reliable damage and movement speed reduction to opponents.

Zed is a caster but he is still an Agility hero. Manta Style provides a movement speed boost as well as damage and attack speed. Activating Manta Style provides 2 illusions. Together with Zed's ultimate, a grand total of 6 Zed's appear on the field! Manta Style also provides a pseudo dodge ability to dodge projectile spells.

Ethereal Blade amplifies the amount of magic damage you exert on an enemy unit! Ether Blast also provides a reliable damage output to Zed and double Ether Blast is just insane!
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Zet the Arc Warden Rate 7.36
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