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 Tidehunter Rate 6.00

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Item Builds

What makes the Tidehunter very special is when he gets his core, he doesn't need much anymore, so he can spend his money on supportive items.

Before you click a shop, take note of this. Don't think about buying a or a You don't have much HP regen to complement your soul ring and getting stout shield based items don't stack with Kraken Shell.

Starting Items:

Build 1 (596g)

Build 2 (593g)

Build 3 (593g)

Early Game Itemizing

Before anything else, spare your allies from the trouble and grab a if you went for Build 3

You should have at least 3 of these items before the end of the laning phase.

Explantion: Bracer gives you that extra tankiness you need to discourage further harasses on you. Magic Stick and Magic Wand are life saving items. Boots is a must because of a core item you will need. Chain Mail is there for extended items you may get after the laning phase.

Core Items
Assuming you got a decent early game and your mid game is going well so far, get these.

If you didn't get a great early game and your team is failing hard at the moment, there are no items for a failure like this. You better quit the game because Tide sucks without a team on his back. You can still try to get the items mentioned above, but if your team will not cooperate, you will definitely fall to their level. I'm sorry, but that's the hard truth of Tidehunter.

Extended Items
Once again, assuming you and your team are doing well so far, pick a combination of these items.

Extended Explained: Drums increase MS, which you need for escaping and chasing. Medallion is an underrated item which is derived from the Chain Mail you (may have)bought during the early game phase. Mekansm is expensive but very useful during pushes. Pipe is more expensive but, if timed well, it will be very hard for your opponents to pick your team out 1 by 1. Plate Mail gives extra hardiness and will be used in the future if the game drags on. Grab your Urn if Mekansm is not doing the trick in healing your carry.

Omaigoodness, would you look at the time! You still haven't won? Maybe these will help you out.

Explanation: Shiva's is a game breaking item. Soon after Ravage, you slow them so their is absolutely no chance of retaliation. If you used your combo and used up your skills, just stick around and spam that anchor. Damage and ASPD reduction. That's a total counter for many damage-based carries. Since you have unlimited mana due to the fact you got a Mystic Staff, start disassembling your Arcane Boots and spam dat anchor smash so you can get a BoT. It's good to be anywhere at anytime.

You are a tank. Why not? You can get this instead of a Shiva's, but you will have to keep your Arcane Boots. This helps you survive encounters with Hard Carries. 1060 HP is no joke

Mega armor boost and increased DPS for you and your allies. AC is an incredible item. Get this if your team needs it and nobody can farm it.

Ensure your enemies don't escape.

Slap them without even being near them.
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Tidehunter Rate 6.00
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